With this assessment tool, you can make your own risk assessments on issues that may stir up emotions among citizens and stakeholders in your municipality or region. The tool is designed primarily to assess the risk of threats and hatred towards elected representatives, but it can also be used for other employees.


Step 1: In step 1, a comprehensive screening and initial assessment of the risk level of issues and cases is carried out. In step 1, you can assess several cases/questions at the same time. Questions and cases assessed as moderate or high risk will go to step 2.


Step 2: You have proceeded to step 2 because, in step 1, you made an initial assessment that there is a moderate or high risk of hatred and threats against elected representatives and staff in one or more cases/issues. In Step 2, each case/issue is assessed separately.


Step 3: The results of step 2 have shown that a more thorough assessment is needed and that a risk of hatred and intimidation is likely to exist. In Step 3, each case/issue is assessed separately.